Monday, December 5, 2016

"Stories from Sanctuary" - Cubicle

Welcome back, dear readers. As you may remember we’ve promised you a look at the “storage” division of Sanctuary labs in the previous issue, in which we told you about new and improved au-pair program. And we never fail to deliver.

You’ve also probably read news article on the first page about an investigative journalist – a rather silly one – that wandered around alone near our secluded town, trying to follow the lead she had got from anonymous source. She forgot the first rule of investigative journalism – check your sources ten times or your life and reputation will be on the line. Because sometimes they tell the truth but have hidden agendas you are clueless about.

That same mistake led Sandra Wicker – who had been trying to investigate rumors about Jessy Glamy’s (Issue #159) and Lena Resin’s (Olympic issue #1) “strange” disappearances – to another country which she knew little about. We already knew that she managed to gain entrance into both girl's houses and that she had spoken to friends, family and coworkers. While her persistence and enthusiasm was admirable, it never occurred to her that her investigation could get her into trouble.

Now, you may be wondering why I have just told you about her and what she has to do with the storage division you are doubtlessly eager to know more about? Well, Sandra Wicker is now known as Object No. 1245 and being kept in that same storage division.

But before we get to the ins and outs, I must thank Mr. Rodas for the lovely tour around the place and for providing answers for every question I have thrown at him.

Now, to give you clear picture of what goes to the storage division – it's mostly brats, ungrateful missies and mischievous ladies. And what they lack in discipline and submissiveness, they certainly make up for with their looks. Which is why they are still deemed usable after some modifications.

As you can see from our photo, object No.1245 – formerly Sandra Wicker – is the newest subject stored and is at the starting point of the conversion process. As such, she is still full of unnecessary defiant energy.

Each storage unit is a small secluded box inside the wall that has all the necessary equipment and hosing built in, which saves a lot of space and almost automates the whole process. To fit each object inside, doctors remove all of superfluous parts from the base body, as well as reroute liquid waste to the rear hole to ease plumbing of a unit. The air intake is also rerouted to a breathing aperture in the chest part, while the ears are removed and the canals filled with foam, making the objects effectively deaf. Opaque lenses of “misty” type permanently attached to eyeballs still let a sizable amount of light come through, but make any sort of visual identification impossible.

After the initial processing each object is put into an empty storage unit to start the conversion process. A tight metal collar is kept in place by two metal rods coming out of the walls and ensures the safety of the object inside the storage unit. Two soft sensor pads attached to a head of each unit provide all the important information for the keepers: brain activity, heart rate, stress level - you name it.

A huge inflatable dildo, which is connected to milking system, occupies upper hole of the object. The lower hole is filled with a sexuality modulator that regulates the sensation of nerves inside the vagina in conjunction with the O-Bay nutrients. A waste management tube fills the cloaca of each object, which administers regularly scheduled cleansings.

A simple yet effective milking system is used to keep milk levels at normal rate inside mammary glands. Each object is fed the milk that comes from the mammaries of another object in the neighboring cell transferred through tubes attached to the nipples. This way the whole process of feeding requires no additional resources, thus making the storage division of Sanctuary labs almost self-sustainable.

You may also have noticed the rounded metal plates at waist level. Those are actually two-part corsets. As time passes the plates squeeze the waist little by little between them until it’s fully narrowed to a mere 5 inches in diameter.

Sound familiar? That's because you also have gotten you very first “Toy” from storage! It is these objects that will be given to new residents upon end of their conversion process as that is the only way such specimens can be utilized.

Mr. Rodas told me that even though storage division mainly works with surplus women, on rare occasions they keep specimens that are still not classified and will be used later for other purposes. Those units are usually restored to the initial state with the help of the technology called “reverse” that we have already written about extensively.

All of these objects on this picture – 1243, 1244 and 1245 – had been rather lost in their life, causing nothing but trouble by doing and saying foolish things. But here at Sanctuary we help to find a better way for them, a purpose and a meaning that will benefit everyone.

Excerpt from Sanctuary Business Insider. Issue #160. Article “Cubicle” by G. Lin. Photo by S. Ador.


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  2. Really like those stories, do you have anything in the pipeline or do you plan to continue the series?