Monday, December 5, 2016

"Stories from Sanctuary" - Cubicle

Welcome back, dear readers. As you may remember we’ve promised you a look at the “storage” division of Sanctuary labs in the previous issue, in which we told you about new and improved au-pair program. And we never fail to deliver.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Change of scenery

Some changes come to our life unexpectedly and if we can’t handle them, life will find a way for us.
Dad told Lucinda about past times – times when their neighborhood was new and developing part of town. But ever since he and mom had died in an armed robbery, Lucinda couldn’t find a way to handle the change. Countless hours of therapy and medication that had to get her out of depression had clearly no effect on her.
Lucinda did find peace in her mundane work that she managed to get with her college degree. She was rather fascinated that with such bad case of depression the was some strength in her to do something. Though Lucinda still couldn’t handle social interactions that well, since every time her mind would draw a very bleak picture of her future.
“I’d rather you leave that house. You see, your memories are attached to the house, since it’s the place where you grew up. Clinging to the past won’t help.” – told physiologist to Lucinda as she lay on the couch trying to communicate. “Mind you, I’ve had a lot of patients with similar problem and only one solution seemed to work in all of the cases. Change of scenery.” – he took a pause, as if trying to look into his patient’s head. “It doesn’t matter where you go, rather the action itself. It just helps you broke that unhealthy bond that, frankly, pulling you down, Lucinda.” – all Lucinda could to was to try and hold her tears as she saw smiling faces of her loved ones. “But I would suggest selling house and moving to somewhere else. That would be best for you.” – maybe, Lucinda thought, as she tried to suppress memories from the long past.
Moring tea ritual was disturbed by a doorbell. “Who might that be?” Lucinda wandered as she turned doorknob. A black pair stood before her in tailored polo shirts with strangely looking emblem. Their smiling faces were neither kind nor off putting. Rather strange.
“Good morning! You must be Lucinda Cartwright, right?” asked black man looking her in the eyes. “Yes. That’s me.” Lucinda answered unsure of what was to follow. “I’m Jack and this is my wife Jessy. We would like to buy this house from you.” Lucinda was struck by such an unexpected question. “I…uh…Sorry, but this house is not for sale.” She never in her life closed door that fast.
After afternoon of self-destruction, there was a call from the bank about Lucinda’s student loan. “What?! But I’ve been paying steadily even if I’ve been behind on recent payments!” Lucinda’s voice sounded weak. “Bank decided to take action and proceed with the offer. There’s nothing I can do. Sorry” there were tears in eyes in front of him and he knew it.
“Your progressing depression will only become worse now after such news. I’m afraid there’s no other option but to place you into clinic for couple of weeks.” It all went past free of thoughts Lucinda’s mind. She could only stop thinking to at least not fell down and die.
“Maybe this could bring me peace or something.” Thought Lucy as she waited “routine” injection as she was told by the doctor who admitted her. “Just have to be patient” she felt sting like from mosquito as nurse administered prophylactic shot.
“This is your room. Get comfortable. Doctor will come soon.” Lucinda was taking in her surrounding as nurse closed door behind her. Couple of minutes passed before couple of man wheeled gurney inside. An empty room was left behind Lucinda who was wheeled somewhere unbeknown to her unconscious mind. Life finds a way if we can’t handle it.


Questions and Answers!

Hey there y'all!

I've been really busy with real life, but occasionally I do find time to write, which may result in you reading something new. ;)

Now, I've wanted to ask you guys a couple of questions. :)

What attracts you most in these type of fantasies?
What type of modification you like the most?
What style of stories do you like the most?

There is no any particular order, so feel free to answer as you like. :)


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Best Enhanced Beauty Pageant

Welcome humble guests and participants' owners!

We meet again at the Best Enhanced Beauty Pageant! We are fairly excited as it’s our second year and from the looks of it, we’re going annual! Last year was surprisingly heavy on competitors and investors. Now we’re broadcasting live to our members this exciting event so that even if you’re not here, you can see the best of the best!

We are ready to begin.

Let’s start off with a little bit of history: our goal in creating this event was fairly simple – to let you present your toy to everyone to hear praises or even some criticism. After all, for a long time the only thing we’ve been doing was showing our gorgeous possessions to our friends and occasionally presenting on Balls and parties.

So why not do it on a bigger scope with a chance to win some enticing prizes!

With a help from our friend we’ve a place and resources to make it real.

Last year, nevermind that it was first one, we’ve seen a lot of competitors and visitors, some of them even became regular! We decided that in the beginning we will have only 3 contests: ass, tits and breasts.

But enough of history and meaningless talk – let’s get straight in action!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Star Of The Show

Susan Ellen was a bright girl of age 20 who had been studying biology in University and was going to be a veterinarian. Dogs, cats, horses, hamsters, butterflies – from the young age she was in love with animals and their lives, habits and life. It was like a whole another world for her, thus she decided that she will help those amazing creatures anyway she could.

Bright as she was, Susan knew that she could grab attention of a lot of people, big or not, who could help her. For two first years she had been running from one office to other in between lectures and practice, to see this or that important person.

Finally, after a long line of disappointments and even depression, Susan finally got funded. Homeless friends – was the name of shelter for homeless animals that Susan came up with. “They’re so nice and cute, and can be an essential part of our life! They’re our friends!” she had exclaimed during her speech at the opening ceremony.

The Contessas' New Pony

What I love about my life? That I do help people…literally. I hear here and there about some bratty, feminist bitches who better be taught a lesson. Or disappear from everyone’s life. My heart never stood quietly when I heard such. Thus I take care of what people ask.

Take this filly for example. Was there something her step-father didn’t give her? No. Was she ever in need of money? No, again. Could she choose any university she liked? You bet she could. But she didn’t seem to respect all that forcing her step to send her to Europe to study. Even more he cut up her balance making her to tighten expenses to minimum. Obviously she tried to find cash cow on location to cover that. That led to me. Cash “cow” is my acquaintance and he asked me to teach her value of gaining money. How could I say no?

It’s all really a harmless fun and study as contract lasts 1 year and then filly’s superior decides on whether continue or not. Sometimes they’re given to me for life work. Well, I do offer bright perspective with some, eh, minor hiccups. Her superior asked for “crash course” to be administered which I like. Fillies get some extensive treatment before I can start with their lessons. First of they’re stripped of all hair except for eyelashes, brows and mane. Next is removal of useless appendages. Arms amputated and I usually like to cover those smooth shoulders with shiny and stylish pads. Both these measures imply that there are some sacrifices you have to take in life.

As girls here are for fun but to learn their snitch is closed with rings so nothing will distract them. Nipple and septum ring are a must as it gives fillies nice touch. For this one, “Petite” as I name her, I chose pink color as she’s young one. Stylish boots and leg pads come as package to make complete look. Last bit is inking lips, in this case scarlet, eye shadow and brand. Learners all have my brand inked on right buttock, while workers have ‘em permanent with heated iron brands. Emily or “Petite” was actually given to me by her superior thus lifetime contract is signed.

Winter is one of my beloved times of year on par with summer. Petite has nice milky skin which I decided to bleach some more as my personal touch. Now she’s my winter pony dashing me through the snow goaded up by my loving whip. All groomed up and shiny I rode her trough my villa enjoying the scenery. Filly’s now 11 month into her new job and looks like she’s settled in nicely striving to please me. She now loves when I slap her buttocks shivering in delight with sad expression on her face. No one told making money is easy, honey!

So, you see, I do help people by giving proper job to such dummy girls. I guess I should give her buttocks job for her birthday. After all Petite deserves bigger, plum booty after all hardships she went through. At least I should get better view when I ride through winter fields, as I love all to be up to my standards, basta.
PS: this story had been written after I saw great image by IronHawk on renderotica. One of the first written by me. Hope you enjoy it. :)
Hello to all!

I'm happy to finally create this blog after my dear friend Sador advised me. :)
I will post stories here as well as collaborations and other stuff.

I would really appreciate if you would comment and give as much feedback as you can, 'cause that is what makes me want to write more of my stuff. Well, that and my head that's full of ideas of course.